Guy Shalev Designs (guyshalev) wrote,
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[JRMM] More RP?

Unlike some of my other designs, Juiced Rider is designed to be an RPG; a game which also has role-playing in it. And while the game portion is certainly fun, or so it seems to my quite Game-centered mind, I thought that perhaps there isn't enough RP going on:
You go on missions, and those who don't go on missions get to set a scene to RP, but what about fall-out from missions, or if you're a Prisoner and thus go out on almost every mission, or have a hole in your pocket that needs to be filled?

Here's another sort of scene, designed for that purpose: Washing the Tears:
After a Mission, the pilots which participated in it may engage in a limited number of scenes. The player who went last picks 1 or 2 players who will be in a scene with him, after the mission debriefing, then the next person, who went next to last picks 1 or 2 other people who may be in a scene with him.
Each pilot may only be in one Washing the Tears scene. This is where you confront someone or thank them for their deeds during the mission.

How does that seem? As cool as Painting the Fabric?
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